aluminium standing seam roof cladding

The Benefits Of Aluminium Standing Seam Cladding For Roofs

aluminium standing seam roof cladding

Welcome! Are you looking for a roofing material that is efficient, durable and sustainable? Aluminium standing seam cladding has become one of the most popular choices when it comes to roofs in the last few years.

In this blog post, we explore why aluminium standing seam cladding should be your choice for a new or replacement roof. From being corrosion-resistant to providing long-lasting protection against weather elements – discover all the unique benefits this type of metal roofing offers.

Get ready as we reveal everything about aluminium standing seam cladding from installation process to its aesthetic appeal!

What is Standing Seam Cladding?

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Standing Seam Cladding is a metal roofing system that uses long, continuous panels to protect buildings against the elements.

Types of standing seam cladding

  1. Exposed Fastener Panel Systems: These are standing seam metal roofs that use exposed fasteners to join the panels together. The options for these systems include rib, vertical or flat lock profiles. The seams on these systems provide a traditional look and they come in various widths to suit specific needs as well as different materials including steel, galvanized steel, galvalume and zinc alloys to match any architectural style.
  2. Concealed Clip Standing Seam: These are the most common type of cladding system used on commercial and residential buildings which use concealed clips instead of fasteners to hold each seam together giving an attractive neat appearance compared with normal standing seam roofs-with announcement looking seems along it’s surface .

    This system is also available in ribbed panels as well offering many aesthetic options with various metals like aluminum alloys such powder coated aluminum or pre-painted aluminium being popular choices .
  3. Nordic Copper or Titanium Zinc Clad: As this is a slower lip seal mode of construction than other methods but provides benefits due its ability for more intricate designs , this high end roofing option can offer truly unique visual effect drawing from genuine copper and titanium zinc material often seen around coastal areas where salt corrosion might be a concern.

    Building owners typically choose nordic copper clad because it has proven longevity over time while improving energy efficiency by ventilating heat transfer through dampers installed between ribs thereby reducing condensation buildup under panel temperature contrasts typical of lower end metal roofing solutions

Materials used

Aluminium is the major material used in standing seam cladding systems, and it’s no wonder why – this metal can resist corrosion, offers exceptional durability as well as being lightweight.

Aluminium’s tough yet pliable properties make it particularly suitable for roofing. Galvalume steel, a type of hot-dipped galvanized alloy coated with zinc is also used – its melty nature makes it attractive to architects seeking intricate designs.

In addition, zinc has low manufacturing cost which makes this option more economical than aluminium and stainless steel options without compromising quality. Other materials commonly found include Copper (which requires little maintenance) as well as Steel (generally preferred among residential applications).

Advantages of Aluminium Standing Seam Cladding

Aluminium standing seam cladding offers a variety of benefits, including being sustainable and economical, providing high-quality finishes, as well as being lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Sustainable and economical

METZIP Aluminium standing seam cladding offers a sustainable and economical choice for roofs that can last much longer than most other traditional roofing materials. It has a long lifespan, up to 50 years in some cases, which makes it an investment rather than an expense when compared with cheaper options.

Aluminium is recyclable, turning scrap and waste into raw material for new products; this also contributes to its sustainability. In addition, aluminium’s lightweight construction reduces the amount of timber needed during installation making it more cost-effective and lighter on structural load while protecting against water damage caused by leaks due its weather tight seal created by the cladding’s interlocking shapes.

Furthermore, as aluminium caters well to different climates and environments due to its corrosion resistant properties. All these factors combine to make aluminium standing seam roof cladding one of the preferred choices both commercially or residentially because of how cost-effective yet durable it is over years of wear & tear coupled with improved insulation performance.

High-quality finishes

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Aluminium standing seam cladding offers a range of finishes for roofs that contribute to their aesthetic appeal and overall durability. The strong interlocking seams and wide range of profiles which make up this type of roofing system create an attractive appearance with clean lines, perfect for both commercial and residential buildings.

Finish options such as Galvalume®, Zincalume®, aluminium composite panels, titanium zinc, stainless steel or Colorbond® in distinctive “metallic” or “monochromatic” colours are available and all have superior corrosion resistance properties.

Not only do the materials used help maintain the high-quality finished look longer but they also enhance the structural stability of these types of systems which is critical when faced with extreme weather conditions like heavy rains or high winds.

Additionally, due to its lightweight nature compared to other metals used for roof cladding solutions, more intricate designs can be achieved using less substructure material which further adds to cost effectivity.

Lightweight and corrosion resistant

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Aluminium standing seam cladding is an optimal choice for roofing, thanks to its unique properties. The lightweight build of aluminium makes it easy to transport and install, reducing labour costs because fewer man-hours are needed.

Furthermore, since the material does not rust or corrode it can easily withstand exposure to moisture and extreme weather conditions while maintaining top quality performance for years into the future without succumbing to structural damage or discolouration.

Combined with its sleek design that offers a modern look featuring clean lines and concealed fasteners for neatness, this type of aluminium standing seam cladding provides building owners with a long lasting solution that looks great no matter what climate or location they live in.

Why Choose Standing Seam Cladding for Roofs?

Standing Seam Cladding offers a clean and dramatic aesthetic, as well as concealed fasteners for a neat finish and weather tightness that has been extensively tested.

Clean and dramatic aesthetic

Standing seam cladding for roofs is a modern and efficient way to protect homes and businesses. The clean lines created by standing seams create an elegant, sophisticated look that can’t be beat.

Those raised seams add dimension to any façade while appearing seamless and effortless. This type of metal roofing system also offers concealed fasteners for a neat attached point appearance, eliminating the need to paint or otherwise conceal them.

Furthermore, standing seam panels are lightweight but still offer superior protection against weather conditions such as rainwater or snowfall. Additionally, withstanding corrosive coastal environments where salt water in coastal areas erodes other roofing materials is easy with aluminium standing seam cladding as it is remarkably corrosion resistant yet light-weight enough for residential applications without compromising on strength of structure or durability of the material used; allowing customers to rest assured knowing their investments will last long!

Lastly, its low maintenance nature allows individuals to save up money that they would have had spent elsewhere doing repairs or replacements required due deterioration over time – making it economical choice in this sense too! All these benefits combined make this standing clasped an ideal one when havingWhen selecting metal roofing systems or wall cladding materials for projects – offering truly unique results whatever the application may be!

Concealed fasteners for a neat appearance

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Concealed fasteners are one of the key features of standing seam cladding, contributing significantly to its sleek and seamless appearance. They are positioned beneath the panels so as to remain hidden from view, creating a clean and modern façade.

By hiding the screws from sight water exposure is also avoided meaning longer-lasting protection against corrosion over time. This feature of concealed fastening allows for an uninterrupted line running across your roof or wall that looks great while completely eliminating any unsightly screw-heads sticking out like sore thumbs!

Furthermore, these types of claddings have been extensively tested for weather tightness ensuring long lasting roofs and walls for years to come.

Weather tightness and extensive testing

Standing seam cladding is specifically designed to meet the most demanding industry standards in order to provide superior weather protectionand performance. This system utilizes concealed fasteners that close to form a weather-tight seal without penetrating screws or bolts, limiting water damage.

Furthermore, tests are conducted rigorously for standing seam metal roofing systems accompanied with accurate on-site recordings of measurements, details about the materials used as well as installation methods following industry protocols.

Companies must also obtain government approval when using certain types of materials or colours before any installation can be complete. All these measures ensure that installed standing seam cladding performs well during high winds, rains and hail while meeting all building codes and life safety requirements associated with durable metal roofing applications.

Case Studies and References

standing seam roof installation

Explore how aluminium standing seam cladding can be implemented in successful projects as well as customer testimonials to discover the possible benefits for your own project.

Projects that have used aluminium standing seam cladding

  1. The Town of Banff in Canada renovated 87 of their local buildings with an aluminium standing seam cladding system called ‘METZIP’ that was provided by Metalart to improve the aesthetic appearance and sustainability of the area.
  2. In Birmingham, Alabama, oil giant Shell invested in a long – term construction project that utilised aluminium standing seam cladding for all building rooftops. They opted for rustproof aluminium panels so they can withstand extreme weather conditions over time without incurring any damages or maintenance costs from corrosion.
  3. A popular industrial museum in Dorset, England recognised how attractive aluminium standing seam roofing could be; especially when its sleek design is desired for a unique look amongst buildings of a similar yet outdated style as found on site at the museum itself! Their choice to upgrade brought new life to this range of historical features – providing longevity for decades ahead with minimal effort required from installation onwards!
  4. The Boston Professional Football Stadium underwent extensive renovations during summer 2016 which involved installing zinc and copper coloured Standing Seam Cladding supplied by METZIP that protects thousands of spectators from rain showers while seated comfortably inside watching matches taking place year round – demonstrating just one unique way such exceptional durability helps preserve valuable investments even under harsh environmental conditions like those seen frequently here when snow melts suddenly then storms strike unexpectedly!
  5. Popular pubs across Ireland have used aluminum standing seam claddings during refurbishments due to its ease-of-installation process – it allowed staff members working onsite there extra time needed towards attending other tasks which led them much closer towards completion dates imposed by landlords wanting swift turnaround times before welcoming customers back into these spaces rebranded anew thanks partly (or wholly) thanks exclusively towards architectural wonders already available either premanufactured through specialising companies who know exactly what upgrades proven capable bringing highest return possible moving forwards too!.

Testimonials and success stories from customers

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play a significant role in marketing and building trust and credibility among consumers. Testimonial statistics show that consumers rely on and trust testimonials and reviews, especially with the expansion of the internet. Customer reviews act as authentic evidence, that reinforce customer’s decisions to make a purchase.

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Aluminium standing seam cladding is a highly effective and versatile roofing option, offering numerous benefits over traditional systems. As well as providing superb protection from wind, snow and rainwater infiltration it also provides architectural appeal with its low-profile design that enhances the look of any building.

Its lightweight nature makes installation easier than traditional options while its corrosion resistance allows for use in areas close to coastal environments. Moreover, aluminium standing seams offer high degrees of energy efficiency due to their reflective properties which reduce direct solar heat gain into the building and consequently help reduce cooling costs during hot summer months.

Thanks to these characteristics this type of metal cladding is an attractive solution for both commercial and residential buildings alike ensuring longevity while reducing maintenance costs over time compared to other existing products on the market.

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