standing seam metal panels

Standing Seam Metal Panels: Premium Quality & Design

standing seam metal panels

Welcome to our blog post about Standing Seam Metal Panels! Are you looking for a durable, long-lasting roofing products? Standing seam metal panels are one of the most popular and effective solutions to your home or business’s roofing needs.

This article will explore what standing seam metal panels are, the types of these panels available, their benefits, tips for choosing the right product for your job and more. Get ready to learn all about this versatile roofing choice!

What are Standing Seam Roof Panel Systems?

Standing seam metal panels are an innovative roofing material that is used in both residential and commercial applications. This type of panel has a raised seam or rib that runs horizontally along the length of the panel, connecting two adjacent edges to create a mechanical lock.

These vertical stitched ribs ensure that each individual edge of the pieces interlock and provide superior strength impervious to weather, wind, hail, snow, mold, fire, extreme temperatures and other environmental conditions.

The metal standing seams also conceal any exposed fasteners used during installation from view to retain the aesthetically pleasing look of your roof or wall. Different types of standing seam metal systems have different engagement and attachment methods for securing the panels on your roof deck; system options include snapping stands together manually or using a powered seaming machine for mechanically seamed roofs as well as nail strip-style fastening with either exposed nails or concealed fasteners.

There are many benefits associated with using standing seam metal panels such as excellent durability and longevity due to its watertight construction which makes it suitable even in areas prone to heavy rain fall or flooding; sustained energy efficiency by encouraging good ventilation throughout buildings while reflecting our heat gain during hot summer months; decreased maintenance needs because it resists fading from ultraviolet rays very well; reduced labor costs through excellent weather tightness requiring minimal maintenance effort afterwards due multi-level locking mechanism holding all joints firmly together at their contact points; easy install due to numerous engagements available via pre-punched holes designed specifically for factory applied hidden clips making installation hassle free; ecofriendly materials being 100% recyclable post use making them future proof options when building green homes…

and so much more!

Types of Standing Seam Metal Panels

Commonly used types include mechanically seamed, nail strip, snap lock and curved roofing.

Mechanically seamed

Mechanically seamed metal roof panels are one of the most popular roofing options in commercial and residential projects. These panels are made up of two parts: a male and female leg that work together to create the shape and structure of the panel.

The two sections interlock with each other, creating a tight seal when correctly installed by an experienced contractor. Mechanically seamed systems incorporate a resistant weather barrier between their connection points for extra protection against leaks, making them highly reliable for all types of construction projects large or small.

Additionally, this type of panel offers greater expansion-contraction strength than conventional snap lock designs —a major advantage for climates with fluctuating temperatures where roofs need to be able to expand and contract freely during seasonal shifts without compromising the integrity of the system as a whole.

Nail strip

Standing seam metal panels offer one of the most advanced, durable, and aesthetic roofing solutions available. Nail strip panels can be a great choice for those looking to take full advantage of standing seam metal panel benefits.

These panels use screws instead of clips for installation and typically have a 1″ or 1.5″ hem height, allowing them to blend in with the architecture and provide a continuous look across both flat areas and peaks.

While they sacrifice some performance due to their only average wind uplift resistance compared to other kinds of standing seam products, this type is simple to install without requiring the use of seaming machine – making nail strip panels a convenient option.

Snap lock

standing seam roofing uae

Standing seam metal panels with a snap lock design provide efficient installation and watertight performance. This system consists of male and female legs that snap together when installed, allowing for a fast and reliable process without the need for any powered seaming machines.

Snap Lock Panels are commonly used on slopes greater than 3:12, as they can keep buildings watertight even when there is flowing rain over them. In addition to this advantage, these standing seam systems offer an attractive appearance due to their interlocking seams across the length of the panel – giving maxima leaking protection! With Maxima 1.5, Maxima ADV, 138T, 238T and Medallion I available in various colors on top quality metals such as steel or aluminum – these panels proved both aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally durable& long-lasting roofing solutions for residential & commercial applications alike!

Curved roofing

Curved roofing can be achieved with standing seam metal panels for a distinctive look. With Metalart’s systems, the standing seam panel can be curved on-site in order to create a unique shape that fits any building’s design.

Unlike traditional pre-curved models, these products reduce transportation costs and ensure an exact fitup at installation. Curving standing seam metal panels also add aesthetic benefits to a building as it provides an attractive and sleek alternative to other flat metal roofs.

Moreover, its high long-term durability and weather tightness further makes using curved standing seam metal roof systems one of the best options.

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels

standing seam uae

Standing Seam metal panels offer a range of benefits, including aesthetically pleasing designs, long-lasting durability, energy efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance as well as weather tightness.

Aesthetically pleasing

Standing seam metal panels are widely popular for their aesthetically pleasing profile and distinct look. With interlocking seams, these panels give roofs a unique appearance that stands out amongst other roof materials.

Moreover, standing seam metal panels come in different styles – trapezoidal, vertical leg and T panel – allowing architects to customize the design as per their requirements. This offers customers an attractive array of options that can be customized according to specific preferences The varied panel styles also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of roofs using this material.

Additionally, standing seam metal panel comes in a variety of colors which helps further add to customization potentials for homeowners who want the perfect balance between style and function on their homes or commercial buildings.

Durable and long-lasting

aluminum standing seam

Standing seam metal panels are designed to be incredibly strong and long-lasting. These panels are resistant to corrosion, rust, and UV rays – making it the ideal roofing material for harsh weather conditions.

The panels also feature a tight interlocking system, providing extra strength that helps to prevent any leaks or damage from occurring over time. When properly installed and maintained​, metal standing seams can last anywhere from 30-50 years or more — making them a cost-effective option when compared with other types of roofs that only have an average lifespan of 10-20 years.

Not only is this type of roof durable in terms of performance but they also require minimal maintenance; saving you both time and money down the road.

Energy efficient

Standing seam metal panels are highly energy efficient due to their ability to be curved on-site, reducing transportation costs and ensuring a proper fit. The structural systems of standing seam steel panels can contribute to energy efficiency by keeping buildings watertight and airtight even when submerged underwater for brief periods of time.

Architectural systems work in similar fashion, creating additional air barriers while ​water is flowing over them. As an aesthetic benefit, the interlocking seams give the roof an attractive appearance while also improving its overall energy efficiency.

To complete this great package, high end steel or aluminum is used in manufacturing standing seam panels allowing years of low maintenance service life – contributing further towards improved energy efficiency through material durability soon after installation is complete..

Easy installation and maintenance

Standing Seam Metal Panels provide for quick and easy installation. Popular systems, such as Snapped Panel Systems and Mechanically Seamed Systems, secure the panels without the need of specialized tools, greatly simplifying the process.

Clipless Standing systems provide a single-step installation by eliminating additional fastener steps while still providing a weather-tight seal. The METZIP® from Metalart interlocks male and female legs with integral clips which attach to either purlins or deck directly; this system is designed to be installed quickly without laborious effort or preparation ahead of time.

Low maintenance requirements are also contributed thanks to these simple panel joining methods that reduce potential leaks due to expansion/contraction of the metal material in any given climate.


Standing seam metal panels offer an excellent weather-tight solution for roofs. The interlocking seams between each metal panel have been designed to withstand all kinds of weather elements including strong wind, rain and snowfall.

Additionally, the raised seam helps create a tight seal against water infiltration while providing further aesthetic benefits due to its more modern appearance. Furthermore, standing seam panels can be engaged using either mechanically seamed or snapped methods; with snapped systems featuring male and female legs that snap together on installation creating an even stronger seal.

Clippy systems fasten through a pre-punched fastening flange which also enhances the overall weather seal around the perimeter of the roofing system. All in all, standing seam metal panels provide superior protection from bad weather conditions when properly installed and maintained making them one of the most sought after solutions for commercial buildings as well as residential applications.

Choosing the Right Standing Seam Metal Panels

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When deciding which standing seam metal panels are right for your building, it is important to consider the building type and style, engagement and attachment methods, panel families and styles, underlayment and coatings as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.

Consider building type and style

It is essential to consider the building type and style when selecting standing seam metal panels. The roof should complement the overall design and architecture of the structure, as well as enhance its visual appeal and curbside appeal.

For instance, Structural standing seam systems are used on lower sloped roofs while Architectural standing seam systems are used on slopes of 3:12 or greater. Additionally, Snapped panel systems consist of a male and female leg that snap together while Mechanically seamed systems require the use of a powered seaming machine.

Clipless standing systems also exist that are fastened through a pre-punched fastening flange. The panels should be chosen keeping in view factors such as the load requirements for different types of buildings, weather resistance needs, warranty period offered by the manufacturer etc., so they can offer protection from any kind of weather damage for years to come.

Evaluate engagement and attachment methods

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When it comes to standing seam metal panels, there are two main methods of engagement: snapped and mechanically seamed. With the snapped panel systems, a male and female leg snap together in order to seal the joints.

They offer greater installation speed but are less secure than mechanially seamed systems which require an additional powered machine after panel installation.

In addition to engagement methods, there are two primary types of attachment methods for standing seam panels: clipless and clipped. For clipless systems, fasteners engage through pre-punched slots that run along a hidden flange on each individual panel — this ensures that no nails or clips detract from the aesthetics of the roof’s design.

On the other hand, clipped standing seam roofs use exposed fastener designs where each successive section is connected by clips rather than relying upon folded edges during installation for watertightness.

Look at product families and panel styles

double lock standing seam

When buying standing seam metal panels, it is important to consider the panel family and style. Common panel families include traditional standing seam, interlock snap-down standing seam, and mechanically seamed systems.

These offer varying levels of performance, installation complexity, cost and level of maintenance needed over their lifetimes. Traditional Standing Seam typically features two concealed fasteners near each intersection for a strong hold that allows for expansion and contraction due to weather changes as well as energy efficiency benefits.

Interlock Snap-Down Standing Seams use similar methods with additional clips to provide an extra secure roofing system while also having excellent watertightness characteristics. Mechanically seamed panels are manufactured with a pre-punched 2″ flange or nailing strip that allow for easy attachment to the roof deck without nails or screws showing above the surface giving the roof an aesthetically pleasing contemporary look which requires minimal upkeep.

Think about underlayment and coatings

insulated roof panels

Underlayment and coatings are both important elements in standing seam metal panel systems, combining to provide effective weatherproofing, insulation and corrosion protection. Underlayment is typically composed of a barrier vinyl material that provides waterproofing beneath the panels in addition to base support for mechanical installations.

Atop of underlayment sits the outer layer of metal coating which can be anodized aluminum or pre-painted galvanized steel depending on project requirements. Coatings enhance performance by providing an additional layer of protection from dust accumulation, mold growth as well as thermal insulation against air infiltration and temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons.

Further still, both powder-coated painted finishes and two-part epoxy topcoats offer minimal maintenance upkeep while increasing scratch resistance all while blending easily with existing surroundings for a high quality end result.

Consider the reputation of the manufacturer

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When selecting standing seam metal panels for any roofing project, one key factor to consider is the reputation of their manufacturer. A reputable and well-known manufacturer often has a track record of providing high-quality products that meet industry standards.

They will also have experience with designing solutions suitable for extreme weather conditions like heat or snow. The right choice can ensure lasting performance, durability and cost savings in both residential and commercial settings.

Metalart is one highly regarded supplier known for their five distinct standing seam systems that are designed to be energy efficient, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and more.


standing seam roof edges

Standing seam metal panels are a versatile, long-lasting roofing solution that can enhance the appeal and performance of residential or commercial buildings. The benefits of standing seam metal roof systems include aesthetically pleasing design options, reliable weather-tightness, energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance cost.

When choosing the right standing seam panel system for any building structure, it is important to consider factors such as building type and style, fastening methods used, product families with their various styles available on the market, underlayment requirements and coatings applied also chosen for aesthetic reasons in some cases.

In addition to evaluating each of these aspects of a standing seam metal panel system , it is essential to look into the reputation of manufacturers providing them as there may be vast differences in quality between brands.

With its combination of aesthetic value and dependable protection from external elements along with easy installation procedures; it is no wonder why more people are favouring this increasingly popular option when selecting their next roofing system.

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