standing seam double lock

Benefits Of Standing Seam Double Lock Roofing System

standing seam double lock

Is your roof failing you by leaking or unable to withstand harsh weather conditions? If so, a standing seam double lock roofing system could be the ideal solution. This type of roofing adds not only durability and resilience but also aesthetic appeal to any structure it covers.

In this blog, we’ll unlock the benefits of this ingenious roofing technology that helps prevent water damage and enhances architectural appeal. Get ready to discover your home’s next top-notch upgrade!

What is Double Lock Roofing System?

double lock standing seam

The Double Lock Roofing System refers to a type of standing seam metal roofing, characterized by two interlocking folds or ‘locks’ that securely join together the roofing panels. Featuring different panel types like DL25, DL20, DL15, CR-DL15, and CR-DL20, this system is recognized for its high-performance and customizable fit suited to any length requirement.

It’s uniquely designed with thin-rib profiles for added durability and aesthetic appeal.


The double lock roofing system, originating from the hollow seam and single standing seam systems, is a leading type of standing seam metal roofing. Distinctive due to its 180-degree seam, it guarantees improved weather-tightness and longevity.

This advanced system stands out for its structural integrity that can bravely resist severe environmental conditions. Its design constitutes an upgrade on the single-lock systems, delivering great performance even in the harshest climates.

Types of panels (DL25, DL20, DL15, CR-DL15, CR-DL20)

Diving deeper into the Double Lock Roofing System, we encounter various types of panels that are vital to this installation.

  • Firstly, we have the DL25 and DL15. These structural panels showcase a mechanically seamed process during installation which significantly reduces chances of panels coming unseamed.
  • Another variant is the DL20, valued for its reliable durability.
  • The CR-DL15 panel deviates a bit from the norm by showing off its curved-radius feature. This particular type utilizes the traditional standing seam “double-lock” plate which gives it an edge in flexibility.
  • Lastly, we come across the CR – DL20. This panel takes customization to another level with its adjustable length and width options, making it a practical choice for several commercial roofing projects.

Features and Benefits of Standing Seam Double Lock

double lock metal roof

With a double lock roofing system, you’re investing in high performance and long-lasting materials. It provides diaphragm and purlin stability that’s unmatchable by other systems. The thin-rib profile enhances its aesthetic appeal while the customizable fit makes it suitable for any length or structural shape.

Whether it’s to shield against snow or maintain roof slopes, this roofing solution sets the bar high for reliability and flexibility.

High performance

Double lock roofing systems are synonymous with high-grade performance. They use only the best stainless steel clips for attachment, providing a stronger and more durable roof structure.

The integral interlocking design is another feature that sets it apart, allowing installation in one direction for quick and efficient work progress. These roofs are prepared to withstand the test of time and adverse weather conditions, thanks to corrosion-protected screws that fortify its strong build even further.

This robust construction gives double-lock standing seam metal roofs an edge over non-engineered versions by enhancing their durability and longevity, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable roofing solution that delivers stellar performance year after year.


standing seam panel

One of the standout features of the double lock roofing system is its longevity. With a potential lifespan anywhere from 40 to 70 years, it outperforms many other types of roofing materials.

This extended life expectancy is thanks to the sturdy design and robust metal panels used in creating these roofs. Resilience against elements like wind, rain, snow and ice contributes extensively towards this long-lasting feature.

Their high-quality construction also means they require less maintenance compared to traditional roofs, lending further credence to their reputation for endurance. Whether you have a commercial or residential building, choosing this durable standing seam metal roof assures you get value for your investment over time.

Diaphragm and purlin stability

The standing seam double lock roofing system ensures maximum diaphragm and purlin stability. This can be attributed to the rigid connection between panels and open framing structures such as purlins, which is essential in creating a strong, stable roof structure.

Installation of blanket insulation between these elements not only delivers superior sound attenuation but greatly enhances the overall integrity of the roof.

Diaphragm tests reveal that this roofing system exhibits impressive stiffness and strength levels, making it an ideal choice for commercial and residential buildings alike. The effective standoff of the purlin-to-panel connection further bolsters this stability by providing rotational stiffness data that quantifies its efficacy.

All these factors collectively contribute towards presenting a long-lasting roof solution with unsurpassed structural reliability.

Thin-rib profile

standing seam double lock

The thin-rib profile is an appealing feature of the double lock standing seam metal roofing system. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of both traditional and modern architecture, but it also offers significant structural benefits.

This unique design includes a 1.5″ leg height that contributes to the durability and longevity of the roof. Moreover, stiffening ribs can easily be added to this low-profile surface, minimizing any unwanted visual effects on your roof’s appearance.

Finally, its resistance to extreme weather conditions makes the thin-rib profile a top choice for reliable long-term performance in various climates and conditions.

Customizable fit for any length

Standing seam double lock roofing panels flexibly cater to any length, making this system a versatile option for both residential and commercial properties. The panels can stretch up to an outstanding 7 meters long during installation, thus rendering the process efficient and cost-effective.

For larger roofs requiring more coverage, panel lengths can even extend up to 16 meters. This adaptability in length provides project-specific customization that guarantees optimal roofing solutions.

It also prevents unwanted overlaps or excess material wastage, ensuring every inch of your roof is effectively protected by high-quality metal sheets.

Installation and Cost

standing seam uae

Double lock roofing systems require specific tools and equipment for correct installation. The process is labor-intensive, but the high durability and performance of these roofs often offset the initial investment.

Cost varies based on factors like panel type, project size, and local labor rates.

Tools and equipment

Installing a double lock roofing system requires specific tools and equipment to ensure accuracy and safety during the process. These include:

  1. metal roof seam machine which seamlessly joins panels together
  2. pan former, necessary for creating the interlocking double seam
  3. Hand seamers used for fine – tuning and tightening seams manually
  4. Roofing coil for field – forming operations, adaptable to any roofing length
  5. Safety gear like gloves, safety glasses, and sturdy boots for worker protection
  6. cutting tool or metal shear for customizing panel lengths
  7. Decoilers designed to feed the coil into the panel forming machine effectively
  8. Clamps to secure panels in place during installation
  9. Specialized screws and fasteners resistant to weather conditions.

Labor-intensive process

While laying down a standing seam metal roofing system, labor plays a pivotal role. The process entails careful placement of each panel and meticulous seaming of the joints to ensure roof integrity, which necessitates a skilled crew.

Wider panels require additional manpower due to their size and weight. Furthermore, mechanically seamed installations are historically the most time-consuming, elevating both labor hours and cost.

Prevention of leakage or any structural issues calls for precision during installation, making this effort not just labor-intensive but also intricacy-focused.

Cost versus benefits

standing seam installation

The initial cost of installing a standing seam double lock roofing system may be higher than other systems, but the long-term benefits and savings can outweigh these upfront expenses. 

Cost FactorsBenefits
The average cost of installation ranges from $14,000 to $19,000, and is dependent on the slope, pitch, and size of the roof.High performance and long-lasting. These systems are designed to last many years with minimal maintenance, thereby saving on replacement and repair costs in the long run.
Labor costs can range from $2 to $6 per square foot, leading to an average cost of $3,400 to $10,200.Increased roof stability. The diaphragm and purlin stability of this roof system contributes to the overall structural integrity of the building, reducing future repair costs.
The cost of panels can range from $2 to $4 per square foot, depending on the type of panel chosen.Customizable to fit any length. The ability to customize these roofing systems for any length allows for greater architectural creativity and potential savings on material costs.
The total cost of installation can vary between $24,000 and $42,000.Increased property value. Due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and longevity, standing seam double lock roofing systems can increase the overall value of a property.

Comparison to Other Standing Seam Roofing Systems

We will discuss how double lock differs from other roofing systems such as single lock and snap lock, covering aspects like ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, market availability and overall performance.

Single lock vs. double lock

While both single lock and double lock systems provide valuable features, there are key differences in their performance, installation, and suitability for different climates. 

Single Lock SystemDouble Lock System
PerformanceThey provide a weather-tight seal for a metal roofing system.They offer a higher performance, are more durable, and less likely to come unseamed.
InstallationThese systems are easier to install and replace.Their installation process is more labor-intensive, and replacing a damaged panel is more challenging.
SuitabilityBest for mild climates due to the ease of replacement.Best for all kinds of climates due to their superior durability and performance.
OriginsHave their origins in related hollow seam and single standing seam systems.The double lock system is a development of the single lock system and is commonly used for roof coverings.

The choice between both systems depends on the specific requirements of the roofing project and the predominant climate.

Snap lock

Snap lock metal roofing systems offer a unique advantage with their hidden clips and fasteners. These components allow for quick attachment of the standing seam roof to the deck, making installation seamless and eliminating the need for crimping or folding of seams.

Despite being more expensive than traditional roofing options, snap lock is cost-effective when compared to other standing seam systems. An important feature of snap lock systems is their ability to provide a weather-tight seal which keeps out water infiltration thus reducing potential damage.

Furthermore, its user-friendly design adds value in terms of time efficiency during installations.

Market availability and prices

With the increasing popularity of standing seam metal roofing systems, the market has seen a surge in availability and variety. This has not only resulted in more options for homeowners, but also a range of prices to suit different budgets. Here’s a quick look at the market availability and prices:

Roofing SystemAvailabilityPrice per Square Foot
Standing Seam Metal Roofing SystemsWidely Available$2 – $4 (including installation)
Aluminum Standing Seam RoofsCommon$10 – $15
Steel Standing Seam RoofsCommon$10 – $15
Corrugated Metal Roofing SystemsCommonHalf the price of Standing Seam Systems
Traditional Asphalt ShinglesWidely AvailableVaries

While the cost of a standing seam metal roof can be higher than other systems, the long-term benefits and durability justify the upfront investment.


The Standing Seam Double Lock Roofing System indeed shines with its plethora of benefits. Its high resistance to leaks and extreme weather conditions makes it a top choice for durability.

With aesthetic appeal added on, this system enhances the overall look of any structure it graces. All these factors combine to make the Double Lock Roofing System a highly cost-effective investment in the long run.

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